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Monday, June 13, 2005

Dot-com mania, part II?

CNN Money writes about Internet business stocks and finds that the success of Google (and bounces of Yahoo and E-Bay) is fundamentaly different from the Internet bubble in the late 90's. I strongly agree that you can't compare Google with some money burner start-up from 1999, but I would still be a little careful when investing into a fundamentally strong stock which is raising parabolic.

Dot-com mania, part II?
CNN Money
By Paul R. La Monica, CNN/Money senior writer

June 13, 2005: 5:19 AM EDT

The dot-com mania of the mid-to-late 1990s helped make some business people and investors fabulously rich, at least on paper. But the tech-stocks crash of March 2000 left many investors with stocks trading at a fraction of their all-time highs, and in some cases, worthless.

Since Google went public in August 2004 its shares have more than tripled, reminding many of the investor fervor of the late 1990s. And shares of the Internet's version of the Big Three --, eBay and Yahoo! -- have all bounced back sharply from their post-bubble lows in the past few years.

Kessler noted that most of today's Internet success stories are survivors, older companies that are now profitable and have strong balance sheets, and not start-ups that weren't earning a dime.
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CNN Money: Dot-com mania, part II?


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