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Monday, July 18, 2005

Full content in Site Feed!

I disabled content summary option in Blogger and in FeedBurner. What does it mean to you? Now it is possible to get full content with all external links via the site feed. Previously, it was only possible to read content summary.

This change will bring all the interesting content to your favorite feed reader or news aggregator without need to make any extra clicks to access the full body of the posts. I really hope that it gives even more reason to subscribe to Online Trading. If you find this blog useful, it is wise to subscribe, then you won't miss any posts that might be interesting to you.

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It is also a proper time to refer to an older post where I asked some feedback from you:
Guys, if you see any typos, missing or incorrect text, broken links etc, please let me know (post a comment under the post or send me an e-mail)! Today, there was a typo in the posting about Google options for more than an hour before I noticed it myself, I could have been able to correct it sooner if anyone had written me... :) Of course, you are welcome to contact me with any other suggetions and problems. Let me know, if there are any particular topics you would like to read. I would like to know which areas are the most interesting for you (real time trading opportunities, general reading materials about trading, technical analysis, ...?). And thanks for everyone who is reading my blog, especially some of you, who are checking for new postings several times a day!
If you have troubles with subscribing to the feed or if there is anything else you want me to know, please, feel free to contact!


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Thanks for the suggestion.

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