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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Update: Launches Special Situations Trader

Some of my blog readers have mailed me and asked help with Briefing Special Situations Trader registration.

The Live In Play item which introduced the new feature and contained a link to registration, disappeared shortly after it got published. Probably due to the high interest.

If I remember correctly, they allow only a very limited number (200?) of clients to get access to this beta testing of Briefing Trader and they will choose these "happy ones" on Monday from all applicants.

I will give you the direct link to the registration (you can't find the link in Briefing's anymore):
Briefing Special Situations Trader - Register for Beta

Unfortunately, I believe that you can't even log in, because they have got the number of applicants they needed. Hopefully, the product will be public soon and it would be possible everyone to subscribe to Briefing Trader (but yes, with $250 fee per month).

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