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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Beauty stocks at bargain prices: Avon (AVP)

Beauty stocks at bargain prices
MSN Money
By Michael Brush

Problems have blemished the looks of cosmetics giants Avon and Estee Lauder. But their shares might prove attractive at reduced prices.

Sales at Avon Products (AVP, news, msgs) -- best known for its "ladies" going door-to-door -- were well below expectations last quarter in Europe, Russia and China. Its U.S. sales were down 6%.

The nastiest surprise for Avon shareholders last quarter came from China, where Avon sells beauty products through boutiques and department stores because the government -- until recently -- had a ban on door-to-door sales.

But their fears are misplaced, says Sophia Collier, a portfolio manager whose Citizens Value Fund (MYPVX) has been buying shares in the recent sell-off. "This is a little early to start saying China is not working."

One thing that will help: Avon remains the only company allowed to sell cosmetics door-to-door. That's just one reason Avon is about to see a return to rapid, yet sustainable, growth in China. The market could eventually be worth $1 billion in annual sales, the company says. Avon had $220 million worth of sales in China last year.

With this column, I'll add Avon to my Company Focus stock-pick portfolio for tracking, and we'll see how it does from here.
I'll add Avon's chart to this story:

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