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Monday, August 08, 2005

Quotes on the Baidu (BIDU) IPO

There are some funny quotes on China Net Investor blog about Baidu's (BIDU) recent IPO (found the link via Trader Mike blog).

I'll cite some of those:
"Even with increased revenue and net income results for Q2 (around $8 million), this deal has got to have Benjamin Grahm rolling in his grave. Consider that CBS Marketwatch cited a IDC report as saying the entire China online ad market was $130 million in 2004. Now I think Baidu may surpass a $1.3 billion market cap by the end of first day of trading (China Net Investor: Baidu now has a market capitalization of $3.92 billion!), and if that happens, then I must say that I don't know of that many other companies that trade at 10x INDUSTRY revenues, even if the industry happens to be growing real fast."
Philip Lin, former executive at private equity firm, Kluge & Company; entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins

"This one is the return to the Internet bubble"
John Fitzgibbon, analyst in New York with
And the best one:
"'s P-E ratio is sick"
Enzio Von Pfeil, chief executive of Commercial Economics Asia Ltd., who stressed he was speaking for himself and not his company.
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