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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Health Care - Safe Haven?

I have considered health care to be safe haven for some time now for long term investors.

I will point out just some major reasons why I think so:

  1. The population in the United States and Europe is aging fast and they are going to require more and more medicines over time.
  2. Soon, the baby boom childes in the US will be in the age of 70's.
  3. The good economic growth in relatively poorer East European countries and very fast economic growth in Asia will give the poorer people a change to buy expensive brand-name drugs instead of generic ones.
  4. The growing population in Africa and Asia (China, India) will expand the number of potential customers.

Of course, health care is unquestionably a sector where stock diversification is a must!

Recently, also issued Overweight rating for health care, while maintaining Neutral on overall market.

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Dollar rises on jobs growth

Dollar Sails Higher on Surprising April Jobs Growth

NEW YORK (Dow Jones) -- The dollar registered strong gains after traders were confounded by news the U.S. economy generated far more jobs than expected in April.

In late-afternoon trading, the euro was down 0.9% to $1.2835, while the dollar rose 0.2% to 104.84 yen.

A gain of 274,000 new jobs last month exceeded an average estimate of 194,000 jobs generated by economists polled by Dow Jones. Other surveys were looking for about 175,000 jobs, although so-called whisper estimates that circulated on trading floors late Thursday put the growth closer to 100,000.

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